The Municipality of Grand Lake offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of our community. From ensuring safety and security to promoting economic growth and bolstering tourism, our dedicated teams work to enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors.

Explore the diverse services we offer and discover how we’re committed to making Grand Lake an exceptional place to live, work, and play. 

Fire services

Our trained and skilled firefighters are ready to respond to emergencies, protect lives, and safeguard property. 

Health services

We strive to ensure that our residents have the support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Municipal planning

Our municipal planning services focus on preserving our natural resources and enhancing the overall livability of Grand Lake.

Police services

We maintain a strong partnership with law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and security within our municipality.

Economic development

Ignite, the leading Economic Development agency for Capital and Western Valley Regions, supports growing businesses within our region.


The Municipality of Grand Lake provides sewer and sewage treatment services for its residential and commercial properties. 

Garbage Collection

BMI provides roadside garbage collection for the Municipality. For any questions, please call their offices at 506-209-0669.

Animal Control

The Municipality of Grand Lake has two animal control officers and the SPCA is available for residents in the LSD’s.  

The Municipality of Grand Lake is the perfect blend of natural beauty, exciting activities, and a thriving community.

We look forward to seeing you.