Indulge in the thrill of recreational fishing amidst the breathtaking rivers and streams of the Municipality of Grand Lake.

The Grand Lake region boasts a number of breathtaking hikes; from wintertime ice caves to scenic pathways.

Devil’s Oven Ice Caves

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the mesmerizing Devil’s Oven Ice Caves. Just a short and scenic stroll downstream from the bridge, you’ll find yourself immersed in nature’s icy wonderland. The narrow river is flanked by lush forest, but soon the terrain becomes too steep to navigate on foot which will force you onto the ice. guiding you gracefully onto the ice-covered path.

Newcastle Creek Trail

Park at Newcastle Creek Wharf and enjoy a scenic 2.5km walking trail along Grand Lake. It is flat and very easy for hikers of all levels and provides beautiful views of Grand Lake like no other.

Newcastle Stream Trail

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Newcastle Stream Trail—a scenic pathway that runs alongside the Newcastle Stream. The trail offers unique features and terrain to be discovered along the way. We’ve outlined the trail below, so you know what to expect on your next hiking adventure.

The trail section near Gilbert Park and the High School is called the Racoon Trail. The first 140 meters of the Raccoon section is crushed rock and wheelchair accessible. The crushed rock section ends at a picnic table and shelter overlooking Gilbert Park on the opposite side of the stream.

The trail continues to follow the stream. It then turns into the woods for a short distance before returning to the stream. The trail goes along the back of the baseball and soccer fields at MMHS, where it starts following the stream again. The trail travels around the end of the fields and away from the stream. There are two small sections of boardwalk here. A small flight of stairs will take you to the sidewalk to Park Street, further down from where you started. There are a couple of benches at the top of the stairs where you can take a quick rest before returning on the trail. From Northside Park, the trail enters the woods and soon crosses a small, covered bridge over a wet area. After the bridge the trail climbs a hill and travels along the top of a ridge along the stream valley. It goes through a mainly softwood forest. The trail drops down into a stream valley and crosses another covered bridge. After climbing up out of this valley the trail passes through a red pine stand. The trail then comes to a fence surrounding a pond which was an old mine site that is now filled with water.

NB Internment Camp Trail

Step back in time as you hike the Old Internment Camp Trail which offers an interesting look at the history of New Brunswick during the World Wars. The remnants of the old internment camp can still be seen at several locations along the trail which are described by interpretive signs. More information on the internment camp can be found by visiting the Internment Camp Museum in nearby Minto.

The NB Internment Camp Trail starts at the remnants of the old water tower. Not far behind the old water tower a sign saying “To the Mess Hall” is where the trail starts a loop of the old internment camp property.

Mountain Bike Minto

If biking isn’t your speed, you can still enjoy the beautiful trails and panoramic views left behind by the old coal mines on foot or on snowshoes in the winter. Trail signs are posted, and trail maps can be picked up at the municipal offices.