Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Minto Inc. cares for over 40 km of the finest singletrack trails in Eastern Canada.

Minto, a village steeped in history, witnessed the birth of coal mining in 1639. For almost four centuries, pit mines and strip mines worked tirelessly to extract this valuable resource. However, in 2010, the era of coal mining came to an end, leaving behind an awe-inspiring legacy. Enormous ridges of overburden, dramatic ravines with steep sides, picturesque turquoise lakes, and an extensive network of underground tunnels.

In 2012, Dr. Sean Morrissy, a local physician, sought an exhilarating escape on his mountain bike after a long day’s work. Inspired by the natural wonders he encountered at places like Fundy National Park, he wondered, “why not here?”. Venturing into the woods behind his office, Dr. Morrissy stumbled upon something truly extraordinary—a mountain biking haven. The remnants of 400 years of mining had inadvertently left massive man-made features, now blanketed by 50 years of lush forest growth. The bizarre terrain proved to be a mecca for mountain biking enthusiasts, with its fast and flowing trails punctuated by thrilling descents, challenging climbs, and breathtaking waterfront vistas. This abandoned coal mine had transformed into a true gold mine for mountain biking.

What began as a humble 4 km trail for personal use couldn’t remain a secret for long. Local riders soon discovered this captivating trail system, followed by enthusiasts from across the Maritimes, Quebec, and the American Northeast. Word quickly spread, capturing the attention of media outlets. The trails gained prominence in local, national, and even international publications, including Bike Magazine, Canadian Cycling Magazine, and National Geographic.

Today, Mountain Bike Minto Inc. cares for over 40 km of the finest singletrack trails in Eastern Canada. Each year, our trails attract over 4,000 riders, not to mention hikers, skiers, snowshoers, and more. In our own backyard, we have forged an outdoor haven, hosting mountain bike races, fondo events, and providing endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.