Moving Here

Escape to the tranquil and welcoming rural haven of the Municipality of Grand Lake, where the beauty of small-town living merges seamlessly with natural surroundings. Here, you’ll find a serene and calm environment that fosters a deep connection to the simple pleasures in life. 

Nature’s Playground

Grand Lake is a gateway to an incredible array of natural beauty. With the Salmon River and the expansive Grand Lake at your doorstep, water access is readily available, offering endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Explore the surrounding forests and farmlands, where a network of trails awaits—perfect for snowmobiling, ATVing, mountain biking, and hiking.  

Conveniently Located

Nestled between four major cities, the Municipality of Grand Lake provides the best of both worlds—seamless access to urban amenities while reveling in the serenity of a rural setting. Live amongst nature’s beauty yet enjoy the convenience of nearby city amenities just a short drive away. The Municipality offers a balanced lifestyle that ensures you don’t miss out on the best of both worlds. 

Affordable Living

Experience a more affordable way of life compared to bustling urban centers. Housing in the Municipality of Grand Lake is remarkably affordable, allowing you to prioritize living your life to the fullest. Spend less time worrying about the cost of living and more time savoring the precious moments that unfold in this idyllic setting. 

A Community
That Cares

In the Municipality of Grand Lake, we believe in the strength of community. With a smaller school system, classrooms are free from overcrowding, providing your children with a great learning environment. In addition, we offer daycares, youth centers, and a wide range of extracurricular activities for children and youth. Let’s not forget the community spirit that thrives here—engage in weekly cooking classes, find inner peace in a lakeside yoga session, and connect with your neighbours. 

Embrace the charm, tranquility, and warm sense of community that define
the Municipality of Grand Lake.

This is more than just a place to live—it’s a place to truly live your best life surrounded by nature’s embrace. Discover the serenity of small-town living, relish in the wonders of the natural world, and join a community that cares. Welcome home!