Make Chipman Marina Wharf your ultimate home base for a thrilling array of water activities.

Whether you’re a fan of jet skiing, waterskiing, sailing, or windsurfing, our marina is the perfect launching point for unforgettable water adventures.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of the water, knowing that our marina offers convenient services and amenities to enhance your experience.

The marina features:

  • Waste-pumping service (on request)
  • Portable fuel for refilling your boat
  • Washroom facilities

Situated in Chipman’s downtown area, the marina is in walking distance to services such as:

  • Picnic sites
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Postal services
  • A museum and public library with wifi
  • An Inn for overnight stays
  • Convenience store/gas bar/NB Liquor outlet
  • Garages and part suppliers
  • Churches of all denominations

From the Chipman Marina, travel the Saint John River system from the Salmon River to Grand Lake. On your way along the Salmon River, watch for ospreys, Bald Eagles and several species of ducks nesting along the river. You can access Grand Lake directly from Newcastle Creek Wharf and enjoy a day on the province’s largest open body of water, being a total of 20km long and 5km wide. With a boat launch and docks, this is the perfect location to start your day on the water.